Anya Ellia Interiors
"I never felt for a moment that I was in a design agenda that wasn't my own."

I'm a repeat client of Anya Ellia. In 2008 she helped me with a full kitchen design and with fabric and paint color selections, as well as layout and furniture selection for my living room. In 2011 she helped me with paint color selections and a floor plan for a move to an apartment in Brooklyn. Most recently in 2014 she assisted with a whole house remodel, doing extensive kitchen cabinet design, mosaic tile design and more.

In 2008, I was moving from upstate New York to New Jersey, so at first Anya and I worked partly by phone meetings. Anya created two layouts to choose from based on my long list of desires for the room. She organized the space to be logical and beautiful. She arranged estimates from several cabinetmakers and supervised estimates from contractors. This was especially valuable for me, as I was a four hour drive from my project.

Once the time came to make decisions about design details, Anya gave me a palate of "color stories" to choose from to guide the selections. She took me shopping at stores selected to be in my budget and have good variety.

It was such fun to have an expert for the kitchen project that I asked Anya to also help with color and design assistance for other areas of the house. For my living room, I had done layout work and had narrowed down the furniture choices. I requested her assistance in evaluating my layout and for choosing fabrics and colors, which resulted in a really creative, fun room. She helped with rug shopping for several rooms, and wall colors around the home.

When my family relocated to Brooklyn, NY, in 2011 we needed to rethink how our possessions would work in an apartment. Anya provided a floor plan, wall color choices and window treatments and hardware to make the apartment feel like our own.

Now hopefully in our forever home, also in Brooklyn, NY, Anya has again been invaluable. She worked well with our architecture team to elevate our design from not only being wonderfully functional, but also wonderfully pretty.
In both capacities, as designer, and as consultant, Anya used her expertise and taste to guide me in making choices that worked well together, but expressed my needs and style. I never felt for a moment that I was in a design agenda that wasn't my own. Furthermore, my projects stayed within my desired budget. I recommend Anya highly.
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